Jottum in English

Laugh, play and learn

Jottum is a child day care center in Groningen with English speaking staff. We provide day care in Groningen for children aged from 0 to 4 years.

We offer security, warmth, love and affection for every baby or toddler that is in our care. Jottum has a lot of opportunities for your child to develop creativity, a sense of self-worth and to socially interact with peers and adults. You will be sure that your child’s physical and emotional needs are fulfilled.

We would be pleased to show you around in our bright, spacious center. For more information, please contact us via our contact page.

Jottum stimulates each child to discover what it wants and what it is capable of. Jottum is more than just temporary relief.

Why day care centre Jottum?

  • We use qualified pedagogic staff, who are well read up on the recent developments in child care;
  • Our staff have good knowledge of babies’ development;
  • Everybody wants to make every day into a red letter day;
  • We strive for a balance between rest and action for the children;
  • Because there is an enormous play area of 230 m2 and a partly covered central garden;
  • Because we are close to the centre of Groningen.

What do we have to offer?

  • A delightful place where children and parents always feel welcome;
  • A respectful care and liberal movement development for babies on the lines of Emmi Pikler’s theory;
  • Open and honest communication with the children according to Thomas Gordon’s methods;
  • A special activities’ program with accent on all development areas: motoric, cognitive, sensory, social-emotionally, linguistic and arithmetic skills;
  • An observation system for following the children’s development to enable us to make the timely introduction of new challenges.

Quality and making to measure

Care for” is a comprehensive notion at Jottum. Since every child has its own character and develops in its own way and peace, working to measure is a prime concern. We work with professional and personal attention where in atmosphere and safety are central.

Pedagogical policy

We work following the pedagogic policy.

  • Small scale
    There are three groups with children aging 0 to 4 years.
  • Nutrition
    We provide infant formula 1 and 2. Breast feeding is possible. We take care of cold meals, snacks, fresh fruit and drinks.
  • Space and ambiance
    We have a big play area with a nice incidence of light. Your child has a big choice between different playing corners, and inside we have sufficient space where your baby can crawl and play. In the partly covered central garden we can always play outside, summer and winter. Even when it rains. On hot days your child can play with water. Once a week we go to the market with the carts. Nature we discover in the north public garden (Noorderplantsoen).
  • Hygiene and safety
    All equipment for games and for internal use is easy to clean. Our building meets all requirements of the fire department and GGD Groningen. At the back there is an emergency exit and we have an evacuation plan stand by. Every employee holds a valid BHV certificate.

Opening times

We are open from Monday through Friday from 7.45 am to 18.15 pm, except for a number of holidays or free days:

  • New year’s day
  • Easter Monday
  • Ascension day
  • King’s birthday
  • Whit Monday
  • Christmas
  • Boxing day

At Christmas Eve and New year’s Eve we close at 17:00. Every 5th year we celebrate Liberation day and we will also be closed.


  • € 9,12 per hour
  • Per Child
  • A day consists of 10,5 hours
  • Including infant formula 1 and 2, cold meals, snacks, fresh fruit, drinks and diapers.
  • Under certain conditions, an allowance is applicable from the tax authorities. You should apply for this yourself. This can be done at the website of the belastingdienst (tax authorities, Dutch website).


We have a minimum of two days and a maximum of four whole days per week. It is possible that a waiting list is in order. The waiting list is dependent on a number of factors:

  • brothers/sisters take precedence over other applications;
  • expansion of child care days for children in care;
  • the number of days of care per week;
  • the desired weekdays;
  • temporary willingness to accept other days than the desired days;
  • the longest registered child takes precedence over later registered children